ALSO HOLDING AG EQS-News: ALSO expands offering for IoT solutions with products from Teltonika Networks

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07/04/2021 11:00

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ALSO expands offering for IoT solutions with products from Teltonika Networks

07.04.2021 / 11:00

Emmen, Switzerland, 07. April 2021

ALSO expands offering for IoT solutions with products from Teltonika Networks

The Internet of Things is transforming our everyday lives: from the home with smart appliances to the job with optimized processes, machine automation, data-driven proactive decision making, etc. The IoT market in the EMEA region is expected to grow by an average of 31.5 percent per year. Reason enough for ALSO to form a new distribution partnership with Teltonika Networks, a rapidly growing European manufacturer of professional networking connectivity equipment for Global markets, specializing in IoT, IIoT, and M2M solutions.

Karolis Birgiolas, Chief of Sales for the DACH region of Teltonika Networks commented: "We are pleased to be partnering with ALSO as this will not only help both companies reach new opportunities but also promote technological change and increase the acceleration of IoT globally. With ALSO's market reach and Teltonika Networks portfolio there is a reliable path for a successful business to create and fulfill the rapidly growing need for IoT technologies."

Just recently, Teltonika Networks received an Industry 4.0 Star 2020 for smart innovative manufacturing solutions. The adoption of the latest technologies and AI algorithms enabled the implementation of various successful projects. For example, manufacturing machinery can now be monitored and managed completely remotely, securely with absolute minimum human intervention, while increasing competitiveness, profitability, and productivity. Another area, where IoT solves a big real-life problem is in public transport. Due to smart technologies, public transport can now offer public WIFI, electronic ticketing, ensure safety due to CCTV surveillance, and use digital signage screens for important announcements, advertising, and entertainment.

Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG: "IoT solutions be quite complex to build and handle, due to the seamless integration of components, connectivity and cloud platform, which is needed. Our customers can not only count on the concentrated knowledge of our experts, they can also rely on the highest level of certified tech-support, which will be backed up by Teltonika Networks engineers and mutual projects (like webinars and IoT platform integrations)."

Contact ALSO Holding AG:
Beate Flamm
Senior Vice President Communication

ALSO Holding AG (ALSN.SW) (Emmen/Switzerland) is one of the leading technology providers for the ICT industry, currently active in 24 countries in Europe and in a total of 90 countries worldwide via PaaS partners. The ALSO ecosystem offers around 110 000 resellers hardware, software and IT services from more than 700 vendors in over 1340 product categories. In the spirit of the circular economy, the company provides all services from provision to refurbishment from a single source. The Supply division comprises the transactional range of hardware and software. The Solutions division supports customers in the development of customized IT solutions. Subscription-based cloud offerings as well as platforms for cybersecurity, virtualization and AI are the focus of the Service area. For more information, visit: The main shareholder is the Droege Group, Düsseldorf, Germany.

About Droege Group
Droege Group
(founded in 1988) is an independent advisory and investment company under full family ownership. The company acts as a specialist for tailor-made transformation programs aiming to enhance corporate value. Droege Group combines its corporate family-run structure and capital strength into a familyequity business model. The group invests its own equity in "special opportunities" with a focus on mediumsized companies and spin-offs as well as strategically in buy & build transactions. With the guiding principle "execution - following the rules of art", the group is a pioneer in execution-oriented corporate development. Droege Group follows a focused investment strategy based on long-term oriented megatrends. Enthusiasm for quality, innovation and speed determines the company's actions. In recent years Droege Group has successfully positioned itself in domestic and international markets and operates in 30 countries. For more information, visit:

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