KINDLYMD, INC KindlyMD Becomes First Utah Alternative Medical Treatment Company to Contract Under State's Top Insurance Payors

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05/06/2024 15:00

Insurance payors include Medicare, Utah's largest insurer, Select Health, and Medicaid, providing KindlyMD nearly 70% statewide comprehensive insurance coverage

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2024 / KindlyMD, Inc. ("KindlyMD" or the "Company") (NASDAQ:KDLY), a patient-first healthcare and healthcare data company uniquely integrating traditional primary care and pain management strategies with integrated behavioral and alternative therapies, today announced it has received credentialing and is contracted under Utah's top insurance payors, becoming the first alternative medical treatment company in the state to receive this status. Kindly MD, Inc. is currently contracted with Select Health, Medicare, and Medicaid. This equates to nearly 70% of the population coverage in Utah, when considering the complexities of overlapping coverage many people have, according to the 2023 Utah Health Insurance Market Report. Credentialing enrollments have also been accepted and are under process with pursuit of many other national and local payors well underway.

"This is a major milestone for KindlyMD to be contracting under Utah's leading insurance payors," said KindlyMD founder and CEO, Tim Pickett, PA-C. "Now, the scope of services we provide at our Company-branded clinics, including behavioral healthcare and medical interventions incorporating alternative medicine, are covered by and reimbursable by the largest insurance providers across the state. This opens the door for us to treat more patients who have Medicare or commercial medical insurance coverage, which we anticipate will drive increased patient count and revenue throughout our clinics."

Provisional data from CDC's National Center for Health Statistics indicate that in 2021, nearly 108,000 people died of drug overdose in the U.S., over 80,000 of which can be attributed to opioids, spurring the government to initiate the largest opioid treatment grant funding of all time. While 69% of Americans aged 45-64 use prescription medication, most of these prescriptions are not sufficient or are simply failing to offset the significant risks associated with long term side effects of such medications. While non-opioid treatment options, like medical cannabis, have become widespread in recent years, they are excluded from meaningful clinical recommendations and guidelines.

KindlyMD is Utah's largest alternative pain treatment facility. In cases where opioids are needed, complete care plans ensure safe use, appropriate dosing, weaning plans, and behavioral health support to curb risk. KindlyMD is also one of the largest providers of medical evaluation and management services related to treatment recommendations within the medical cannabis program in Utah. As part of its patient-first approach, KindlyMD healthcare professionals provide patients with medical cannabis education and information to help patients decide whether medical cannabis may be a beneficial alternative treatment option for them. Patients retain complete discretion to obtain their own medical cannabis, and KindlyMD does not sell or advertise cannabis products. To date, KindlyMD has treated over 60,000 patient visits in its clinics.

About KindlyMD

KindlyMD™️ is a patient-first healthcare and healthcare data company uniquely integrating traditional primary care and pain management strategies with integrated behavioral and alternative therapies to offer patients comprehensive care and reduce the addiction and dependency of opioid use in the U.S. KindlyMD currently operates four centers including the largest alternative pain treatment center in Utah. With a focus on holistic pain management through its specialty outpatient clinical services, including, where appropriate, the recommendation of medical cannabis by KindlyMD healthcare providers, KindlyMD is providing better patient health outcomes.

For more information, please visit www.kindlymd.com.

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