CHEECH AND CHONG'S GLOBAL HOLDING COMPANY Legendary Stoners Cheech & Chong Are Blowing Into the Windy City for a Different Kind of Buzz

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11/07/2024 18:00

The smash success of their High & Dry Seltzer across the Second City has the iconic duo celebrating the end of prohibition... again, with a once-in-a-lifetime Golden Ticket Giveaway.

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2024 / As summer heats up, so does Chicago's beverage scene, with THC-infused seltzers creating a stir across the city. At the forefront is Cheech & Chong's High & DryTM, a seltzer that's not only turning heads but also flying off the shelves, with Chicagoans clearly enjoying this "different kind of buzz."

Cheech & Chong are coming to Binny's Lincoln Park
Cheech & Chong are coming to Binny's Lincoln Park

Introduced to the state just over a month ago and distributed by Louis Glunz Beer Inc., a 136-year-old fifth generation family owned and operated company, Cheech & Chong's High & Dry has rapidly become a symbol of Chicago's progressive palate and its embrace of innovative cannabis products. The rapid acceptance and enthusiasm for these THC-infused beverages reflect a cultural shift from prohibition to recognition, positioning THC seltzers alongside alcohol as an alternative beverage choice for responsible adults.

Brandon Harshbarger, President of Cheech & Chong's Global Holding Company, commented on the market evolution, "Chicago's embrace of High & Dry speaks volumes about the changing tides in consumer preferences and social norms around cannabis. Our seltzers meet a growing demand for high-quality, responsibly produced THC-infused beverages that offer new options to the consumer."

Jerry Glunz, President at Louis Glunz Beer Inc., shared his thoughts on the city's reception of Hemp Beverages, "We fought hard to bring this category to the city of Chicago, and the overwhelmingly positive response has made it all worth it. The opportunity to provide Chicagoland with consistent and responsible products has become a duty to build this growing industry standard. Consumer enthusiasm has exceeded all expectations, confirming that Chicago is not just ready but eager to embrace Hemp Beverages."

Wesley Phillips, Business Development Manager at Louis Glunz Beer Inc., echoed Jerry's sentiment and added "Cheech and Chong represent a singular legacy that's critical for the broader development of the entire Hemp Beverage category. They are incredibly valuable stewards as we veer into a post-prohibition world that has been delayed for far too long. Through their characters and their lives, they have embodied a spirit of both merrymaking and engagement. Cheech & Chong bring more than 50 years of their unique brand of authentic advocacy, and authenticity is what Chicago is all about."

To celebrate this tremendous milestone for cannabis and THC beverages, Cheech & Chong are coming to Chicago for a special meet and greet:

Date: July 26th, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: Binny's Beverage Depot - Lincoln Park
1720 N Marcey St, Chicago, IL 60614

Fans can find full details and tickets to the event for just $20 each at CheechAndChong.com/Binnys

Every ticket comes with a free, autographed, limited-edition poster commemorating the event and a complimentary 6-pack of High & Dry seltzers. As such, participants must be 21 or older to purchase.

On July 26th, be sure to come early to claim your poster and drinks as the first 500 fans in line are guaranteed the chance to meet Cheech & Tommy during the event.

Plus, in true Cheech & Chong fashion, they have hidden a "Willy Wonka Style" golden ticket in one of the High & Dry 6-packs being handed out before the meet & greet. This ticket is redeemable for a free trip to Cheech & Chong's private studio in Los Angeles. Terms and conditions apply. Details on CheechAndChong.com/Binnys

Cheech Marin, commented on the significance of the event, "It's surreal to see our High & Dry THC seltzers on the shelves of Binny's Beverage Depot-a store with such a rich history in Chicago. Having our cannabis products recognized and sold alongside traditional alcohol is not just a win; it's a sign of the shift that has taken place in our culture."

Tommy Chong added, "That old stigma is finally starting to crumble, and it's about time. Cheech and I were here at the start, and it's been incredible to watch everything evolve. So, let's celebrate this milestone... See ya at Binny's, Chicago!"

For more details about Cheech & Chong's High & Dry THC Seltzers and the upcoming meet and greet with Cheech & Chong, please visit CheechAndChong.com/Binnys

About Cheech and Chong's Global Holding Co.

Cheech and Chong's Global Holding Company is a leading cannabis lifestyle brand built on over 50 years of advocacy, entertainment, and education. As the premier heritage cannabis brand, its mission is to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable cannabis products to consumers while promoting the benefits and positive impact of the plant. At Cheech and Chong's Global Holding Company, cannabis is more than just a plant - it is a lifestyle that brings people together and promotes well-being. The company's history and legacy are rooted in humor and activism, and it continues to honor those values today.


About Louis Glunz Beer, Inc.

Founded in 1888, Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. embodies the American Dream, navigating through Prohibition, the Great Depression, and leading into today's craft beer revolution. Based in Chicago, this family-run distributor is renowned for its adaptability, commitment to excellence, and innovation in the beverage industry. Now stewarded by the fourth and fifth generations, Glunz Beer proudly upholds a legacy that blends tradition with a progressive approach to community engagement and industry leadership.


About Binny's Beverage Depot

Binny's Beverage Depot is the Midwest's largest retailer of wine, spirits, beer and cigars. Since the company's founding in 1948 through today, Binny's has remained local, family-owned and committed to helping you celebrate the best times of your life. Binny's offers more than 30,000 items in their 45 Illinois locations. If you can't find it at Binny's, it's probably not worth drinking. For more information, visit binnys.com.

Cheech & Chong's and High & Dry are trademarks of, or licensed to, Cheech and Chong's Global Holding Company.

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