EARTH'S SPLENDOR NASCAR Division 1 Driver Chris Young Announces Partnership With Vitamin and Supplement Brand, Earth's Splendor

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10/07/2024 18:00

HAUPPAUGE, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2024 / NASCAR Division 1 driver Chris Young is thrilled to announce his recent partnership with Earth's Splendor, a new and innovative vitamin and supplement brand. Based out of Long Island, New York, Chris has been a rising star in the NASCAR circuit, known for his calculated approach and consistent success on the track.

Earth's Splendor is backed by its parent company, Contract Pharmacal Corp (CPC), which has over 53 years of impeccable experience in the vitamin, mineral, and supplement (VMS) industry. Since its inception in 1971, CPC has built a reputation for excellence with state-of-the-art facilities, prestigious regulatory compliance, and rigorous lab testing, catering to globally renowned clients.

Earth's Splendor, though relatively new to the supplement market, has quickly made a name for itself by offering a comprehensive range of products. From Vitamins A-Z to herbal supplements and soon-to-be-launched sports performance and longevity products, Earth's Splendor provides consumers with affordable, simple, and easy-to-purchase options online. The brand leads honestly in every aspect including label transparency, ensuring that what is listed on the label is exactly what is in the product.

Chris Young, who is also an employee of CPC, takes immense pride in his association with Earth's Splendor. Chris began driving at the age of 14 in the INEX Legend division, commuting to North Carolina to do so. From there, he progressed through the short track ranks, racing and winning in various classes on 29 different tracks across the East Coast, spanning from Florida to Maine, on both asphalt and dirt tracks. His racing repertoire includes INEX Legends Cars, Street Stocks, Late Models, IMCA Open Wheel Modifieds, and NASCAR Tour Type Modifieds.

"As a driver, my physical and mental preparation is crucial to my performance on the track. Knowing exactly what I am fueling my body with gives me the confidence I need to stay at the top of my game," says Chris. His dedication to health, encompassing sleep, hydration, and proper nutrition, aligns perfectly with Earth's Splendor's commitment to quality and transparency.

The culmination of Chris's efforts has resulted in the tour modified program, the fastest and only open-wheel cars sanctioned by NASCAR. He started racing them in 2017 and has been running them ever since. The partnership with Earth's Splendor marks an exciting chapter in Chris's career, providing him with the optimal nutrition he needs to maintain consistent energy levels and peak performance. With recent growth in his race team and new equipment, Chris is poised to continue showcasing the impact of his holistic approach to health and performance on the NASCAR circuit.

Contact Information:

Kenzie Spears
Marketing Manager
631-231-4610 x. 3509

SOURCE: Earth's Splendor


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10/07/2024 18:00

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