FETCHERR The WestJet Group Partners with Fetcherr to Implement Generative AI Pricing Engine

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11/06/2024 13:00

Airline industry disruptor brings first-of-its-kind Large Market Model technology to the WestJet Group to advance automated, strategic decision-making and revenue generation

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2024 / Fetcherr the tech startup that developed the first generative AI pricing, inventory and publishing engine, today announces its partnership with the WestJet Group, Canada's leading low-cost airline and largest vacation provider, to implement its Large Market Model (LMM). Through this partnership, WestJet joins an innovative, global network of airline industry pioneers leveraging Fetcherr's cutting-edge, generative pricing engine and inventory management technology to enable global market intelligence and fully automate business decisions.

Fetcherr's LMM is the industry's first AI-driven market engine that understands market dynamics, precisely forecasts demand and market trends and generates the best market moves based on the predicted actions of all market variables. The technology enables uniquely granular high-frequency pricing, inventory management and publishing capabilities in one complete system that fully automates processes - from pricing to publishing - to optimize operations, streamline workflow processes by publishing fares in real-time and support revenue generation.

"At Fetcherr, we believe that our generative AI-powered Large Market Model is the key to creating a new blueprint for the airline industry, where innovation, automation and global market intelligence are the catalysts for a deep transformation," said Roy Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder at Fetcherr. "We are thrilled to work together with WestJet to redefine the airline industry by unlocking its full potential through innovation."

Fetcherr's unprecedented LMM is at the forefront of AI-powered market intelligence. The LMM empowers WestJet to navigate the increasingly complex global economy, and to automate strategic, data-driven micro and macro decisions with a multi-dimensional understanding of the global market, through both granular insights and high-level overviews.

"Today's partnership announcement with Fetcherr is an incredible step forward towards our strategy of leveraging digital transformation opportunities to improve our guest experience and affordability across our operation," said John Weatherill, WestJet Group, Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer. "As we maintain our proud identity as Canada's low-cost carrier, we are excited to be partnering and investing in Fetcherr's innovative technology.

WestJet today joins Fetcherr's global network of airline partners, which includes Mexico-based Viva Aerobus, London-based Virgin Atlantic, Brazil-based Azul Airlines and Morocco-based Royal Air Maroc. The expansion of Fetcherr's partnerships within the airline industry demonstrates the company's proven innovation as it makes strides towards new markets, including the retail and financial sectors.

About Fetcherr

Fetcherr is an Algo based company that engineered a unique agnostic AI-driven market engine. This advanced LMM (Large Market Model) understands the market dynamics and precisely forecasts demand and market trends, enhancing performance and enabling real-time business decision-making. Founded in 2019 by experts in deep learning, Algo-trading, e-commerce and digitization of legacy architecture, Fetcherr aims to disrupt traditional, rule-based (legacy) revenue systems through deep learning methodologies, beginning with the airline industry. For more information, please visit www.fetcherr.io.

About WestJet

In 28 years of serving Canadians, WestJet has cut airfares in half and increased the flying population in Canada to more than 50 per cent. WestJet launched in 1996 with three aircraft, 250 employees and five destinations, growing over the years to more than 180 aircraft, 14,000 employees and more than 100 destinations in 26 countries.

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SOURCE: Fetcherr

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