FINAL OFFER Final Offer Strengthens Presence in the United States and Canada with Acquisition of Openn's North American Business

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10/07/2024 14:00

Final Offer's addition of Openn will further empower home buyers, sellers and real estate agents with unparalleled offer and negotiation experiences

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2024 / Final Offer, a leading online offer and negotiation platform for residential real estate, providing clarity and real-time offer alerts for home buyers, sellers, agents and any interested party, has further expanded its reach in the US and Canada with the successful acquisition of the North American operations of Openn Negotiation ("Openn"). Openn gives brokers and agents a digital property transaction platform that brings more transparency to the offer process. The combination of Final Offer and Openn will provide agents, teams and brokerages across the US and Canada with best in class offer management and negotiation technology and the power to reach and engage consumers, offering them a more transparent and straightforward experience when buying and selling a home.

"We are pleased to welcome Openn to the Final Offer family," said Judd Hoffman, Co-CEO, Final Offer. "With our shared commitment to transparent and efficient technology solutions for agents, buyers and sellers, Openn complements the Final Offer platform and enhances our presence and commitment throughout the US and Canada."

Openn was founded in 2016 in Perth, Western Australia, to provide a transparent online sales process that facilitates real-time negotiation of a property transaction. With its expansion into Canada in 2022, Openn has developed integrated products and systems with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), including integration with Realtor.ca, fostering deep relationships within the Canadian real estate industry.

"We've only just begun to see what is possible when the offer process is clear and the information is trusted," said Peter Gibbons, Founder and Managing Director, Openn. "I'm excited to partner with Final Offer to expand on our mission of delivering a transparent offer experience to consumers and the real estate community across Canada and beyond."

Peter Gibbons is joining the Final Offer team to serve an expanding customer base throughout North America.

Founded in January of 2021, Final Offer is on a mission to transform real estate negotiations where buyers, sellers and real estate agents all win. Currently available in ten US states as well as Ontario and Alberta, Canada, leading brokerages trust Final Offer to provide their agents with technology that drives their businesses forward. Having raised nearly $14M to date, including from Second Century Ventures, the strategic investment arm of the National Association of Realtors and the most active global real estate technology fund, as well as more than 100 real estate professionals, Final Offer continues to expand across North America, making consumer-engaged, transparent negotiations and real-time offer alerts the gold standard for how homes are bought and sold.

About Final Offer

Final Offer, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is the sole consumer-facing platform in North America, driven by agents, dedicated to managing and negotiating offers for residential real estate. The platform champions transparency throughout the buying and selling process and includes real-time offer alerts, promoting fairness and equity for all parties involved. For more information, visit https://www.finaloffer.com

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10/07/2024 14:00

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