HSG ADVISORS HSG Advisors Releases Healthcare Dashboard Leveraging Proprietary Data to Drive Strategic Growth for Clients

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03/04/2024 15:00

Dashboard Gives Clients a Way to Access, Visualize, and Analyze Complex Internal and External Data Sets

LOUISVILLE, KY / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2024 / HSG Advisors, a leading healthcare analytics and advisory consulting firm, announced the release of a new data information and visualization solution, HSG Dashboard. The Dashboard empowers healthcare leaders to uncover new opportunities for strategic growth, improve operational efficiencies, and increase patient retention. HSG Dashboard unifies complex data sets from internal and external sources, including HSG's proprietary all-payer healthcare claims data, providing clients with insights into competitive dynamics related to markets, service lines, providers, and patients. The HSG team built the Dashboard from the ground up, utilizing knowledge from its 25-year span of healthcare consulting leadership and proprietary data capabilities. The platform is designed to provide healthcare leaders with customized, relevant, and actionable information.

The new HSG Dashboard released by HSG Advisors
The new HSG Dashboard released by HSG Advisors
Photo caption: HSG Advisors releases "HSG Dashboard:" a user-friendly healthcare data analytics business intelligence tool.

"HSG Advisors is a service-focused consultancy, and we're thrilled to offer more tools and insights to help hospitals and health systems make data-driven, strategic decisions," stated DJ Sullivan, Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director, Claims Data Analytics at HSG Advisors. "HSG Dashboard provides a seamless, user-friendly, and interactive experience for our clients, and a way to uncover new opportunities by looking at data through a new lens."

HSG Dashboard's features include:

  • Streamlined navigation with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing clients to access essential information with just a few clicks
  • Regularly updated data sets, enabling clients to make informed decisions based on the most recent market data available
  • Direct access to ongoing advisory support from an HSG expert to answer questions or resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Access to exclusive thought leadership, educational resources, presentations, and articles focused on the future of healthcare
  • Interactive tools that provide clients with the ability to explore incremental measures that partner health systems leverage to support organizational growth
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Advanced security protocols ensure that your data is always safeguarded

HSG Dashboard is customizable to each unique organization's needs and supports clients across numerous initiatives. HSG takes a hands-on approach to consulting and provides guidance for healthcare leaders around employed provider network performance, compensation and compliance, revenue growth and operational improvements, leadership, and strategic planning, in addition to claims data analytics.

"HSG Dashboard unites the power of timely, integrated data with the expertise of our experienced leadership team," says Travis Ansel, CEO Of HSG Advisors. "We're thrilled to offer our advisory clients these ‘best of both worlds' capabilities, so they can directly leverage actionable data while also benefiting from HSG's ongoing consulting services."

About HSG Advisors

HSG Advisors is a leading healthcare analytics and advisory firm that partners with health systems to transform their approach to markets, services, and providers for improved growth and operational and financial sustainability. The practice empowers leaders to build differentiated health system strategies and high-performing employed physician networks by pairing data intelligence with experienced advice. The firm's comprehensive approach to leveraging market data and analytics to inform healthcare strategies allows leaders to understand opportunities and deliver the right care to their communities. For more information about HSG, visit www.HSGAdvisors.com, LinkedIn, email info@hsgadvisors.com, or call (502) 814-1180.

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