MACROBOND BCA Research Adds Macrobond to Enhance Speed and Depth of Analysis Capabilities

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11/07/2024 15:15

Partnership supercharges superior research through strategic technology integration

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2024 / BCA Research is excited to announce its partnership with Macrobond and the integration of their comprehensive macro, investment data and analytics solution to BCA's platform. This strategic technology integration will supercharge BCA's research, ensuring clients receive superior insights and data-driven strategies to support their investment decisions. Through this partnership with BCA, the following transformative benefits will apply:

  1. Enhanced data integration: BCA's research team will have access to Macrobond's expansive database of high-quality, real-time global economic and financial data. Building upon its 75-year history of industry-leading research, BCA's strategists will now be able to seamlessly integrate new diverse data sources including proprietary data, enabling them to provide clients with advanced and exclusive research insights.

  2. Advanced analytical tools: BCA's strategists will leverage Macrobond's advanced analytical tools to perform detailed analyses, quickly identify trends, and uncover actionable insights, reflected in BCA's popular charts.

  3. Optimized efficiency: Utilizing automated data workflows and research delivery will significantly reduce manual processing inefficiencies, allowing BCA's strategists to focus more on interpreting data and deriving actionable insights to enhance the overall value delivered to clients.

  4. Enhanced collaboration and innovation: BCA's use of Macrobond will also help foster a more collaborative environment for its global research team, streamlining the process from idea generation to publication. Leveraging the Macrobond platform, BCA's charts will now be available for clients to easily share on social media with friends and colleagues along with their own commentary and analysis. BCA's commitment to innovation ensures that their clients benefit from the latest advancements in research practices and solidifies their leadership position in independent macroeconomic research.

"We are excited to collaborate with BCA Research, the leading authority in macroeconomic research," said Tomas Liljeborg, CEO of Macrobond. "By leveraging our advanced platform, BCA Research will be able to speed up the process by which it produces the deep insights and impactful content on which it has built its reputation. Macrobond will help BCA enhance its analytical capabilities and internal collaboration for a more cohesive and efficient workflow."

Eric Jaffe, CEO of BCA Research, said: "Partnering with Macrobond is a strategic move for us. Its technology and extensive data coverage are crucial for embedding the advanced capabilities we need to adapt to changing research requirements and offer superior products to our clients. This partnership will significantly enhance our research capabilities, reinforcing our commitment to delivering the highest quality insights and maintaining our leadership in independent macroeconomic research."

About BCA Research

Founded in 1949, BCA Research is the leading independent provider of global investment research. With a rich history of delivering comprehensive and actionable insights, BCA offers a range of research services that cater to the needs of institutional investors worldwide. BCA's commitment to rigorous analysis, innovative thinking and client-focused solutions has earned it a reputation as a trusted advisor in the financial community. For more information, visit www.bcaresearch.com.

About Macrobond

Macrobond is a leading provider of global economic, aggregate financial and sector time-series data for professionals, including economists, analysts, quants, strategists, portfolio managers and asset allocators. Founded in Malmo, Sweden, in 2008, its flexible SaaS solution delivers timely macroeconomic data from more than 2,500 sources, supported by the most comprehensive metadata in the industry. Macrobond's integrated analytical tools enable customers worldwide to quickly find, analyze and visualize relevant data. Automated workflows empower users to instantly share their insights, enhancing enterprise-wide collaboration and improving productivity. Visit www.macrobond.com.

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