QRVEY Qrvey Announces VAR Program to Bring Advanced Analytics to the SMB BI Business Intelligence Market

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16/05/2024 17:00

'Qrvey eXpress' Offering Gives Data and Analytics Services Firms the Ability to Greatly Expand Client Engagements and Establish Significant Recurring Revenue Streams

VIENNA, VA / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / Qrvey, the leading embedded analytics provider, has announced the release of "Qrvey eXpress," a business intelligence and analytics platform exclusively designed for and solely offered by Qrvey partners, along with an associated reseller program. This makes Qrvey's advanced technology available to the business intelligence market through Value Added Resellers (VARs) who now have the ability to increase their services engagements by serving more of their clients' end users with a much wider array of functional benefits while establishing significant recurring revenue streams.


This release is a response to Qrvey's recognition that the business intelligence market has been underserved because of the industry's consolidation, which offers increasingly fewer and more expensive choices for companies in that sector.

"We recognized an opportunity to help an industry that is undergoing profound change," said Arman Eshraghi, CEO of Qrvey. "As the BI market matured, many of these internal BI platforms became functionally very similar, and the large firms that acquired them have little incentive to evolve or support these traditional applications, focusing solely on wringing out remaining profits. Derived from our core platform that serves the SaaS software market, Qrvey eXpress is a powerful, yet affordable version of that same platform designed specifically for the SMB market, and will be delivered via certified VARs, who can greatly expand their business by leveraging these greater capabilities."

According to Yanni Chryssomitis, Vice President, Partner Programs, "Our VAR program, which is designed for BI and Analytics services firms, benefits our partners in three important ways. First, the design of the Qrvey eXpress platform allows them to create analytic solutions more quickly and easily, reducing overhead and delivery times. Second, it expands the scope of project work by being able to serve more types of end-users across the client along with more advanced capabilities like business process management, and data provisioning. Last but certainly not least, it rewards VARs with substantial recurring revenue streams, allowing them to significantly increase their profits over time."

The VAR program includes comprehensive training and certification, along with Qrvey's customer service, ranked as an industry leader by Dresner Advisory Services in its 2023 Business Intelligence Market Study, which provides direct communication with its lead developers to resolve any issues and promote enhancement requests. Interested BI and analytics services firms can get details at www.qrvey.io.

About Qrvey

Qrvey is an analytics platform that allows companies to rapidly add a modern analytics layer to their applications with rich capabilities that are easily configurable for all types of users. Unlike traditional BI solutions, which typically require integrating numerous, separate functions, Qrvey delivers a complete, no-code, end-to-end platform that deploys entirely within our customers' cloud environments, lowering the time and cost of development, deployment, and maintenance.

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16/05/2024 17:00

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