SUMUP SumUp Launches New Loyalty and Rewards Program in the United States

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15/05/2024 15:00

SumUp Connect helps merchants keep customers coming back and supports local communities

BOULDER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2024 / SumUp, a global financial services company, has launched SumUp Connect, a new loyalty and marketing program that helps merchants seamlessly retain customers with rewards and automated campaigns, as well as attract new consumers.

SumUp Connect - Bliss & Belle
SumUp Connect - Bliss & Belle
SumUp Connect helps merchants such as Blake Bell, from the clothing boutique Bliss & Belle, to attract and retain customers

According to Andrew Helms, CEO of SumUp USA, the days of consumers carrying punch cards around to redeem rewards are gone: "People prefer an easier, digital way to earn points for their purchases. With SumUp Connect, merchants can create automated marketing campaigns with rewards that keep consumers excited to return to your business."

SumUp Connect works best natively within SumUp's Point of Sale system. However, it can integrate with many third-party POS systems to help businesses with their loyalty and rewards programs. SumUp Connect includes a suite of features such as:

- Customer Directory

- Loyalty and Rewards

- Automated Promotions (Autopilot)

- AI Enhance Promotions

- Review Boost

How it works:
When customers visit a merchant for the first time, they are prompted to sign up for the store's rewards program using their phone number. From then on, whenever this customer comes back, they can sign in to review and redeem rewards. Using their database, the merchant can send automated and scheduled promotions to bring customers back.

In addition to retaining customers, SumUp Connect leverages its consumer app and nearby customer-facing screens to promote businesses using the product. Closing the loop on point-of-sale payments and local customer marketing gives merchants using SumUp Connect a unique opportunity to reach customers more effectively.

With Connect, SumUp aims to help merchants compete with large retailers and empower local communities. "In recent decades, we have seen many small businesses fail due to competition from big-box stores. We want to provide our customers with the tools that put them on an equal footing with big businesses. And by doing so, we will leave communities stronger, as local businesses create jobs and contribute to developing the regions where they are located," said Helms.

The new loyalty program is suitable for every small business, but especially for those with high customer traffic, such as beauty salons, spas, quick-service restaurants, coffee shops, and retail boutique shops.

SumUp Connect has several packages to fit the needs of any business, starting at $49 per month. The consumer app, where customers manage their rewards, is free for consumers to use.

About SumUp
SumUp is a global financial technology company driven by the mission of empowering small businesses all over the world. Founded in 2012, SumUp is the financial partner for more than 4 million entrepreneurs in over 35 markets worldwide.

In the United States, SumUp offers an ecosystem of affordable, easy-to-use financial products, such as point-of-sale and loyalty solutions, card readers, and invoicing.

For more information, please visit https://www.sumup.com/en-us.

Contact Information
Adriano Lira
PR Manager, US

SumUp PR Team



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